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Technical Translation Service for Samsung Oil and Fat Corporation

Pangeanic’s translation service for Samsung UK (SOFC) represents one of the most relevant use cases. They included English translation services and Spanish translation services in the two combinations. The corporation needed to know all the facts and details for a large drinking water bid in Equatorial Guinea as well as a very reliable technical translation that would describe exactly the offer and all technological and operational advantages of the company in establishing a drinking water network for the city of Bata.

Once the company had read the terms of the bid in English as translated by Pangeanic and decided to tender, a second and long translation project followed including the translation of the engineering proposal, price lists and budget under the strictest confidence, parts catalogs, schedules, work planning, human requirements and the material of training workshops.A translation for this engineering company requires high standards of quality control in the translation process. Translators must quickly become familiar not only with the corporate style, but also with the terminology and the technical field in question. The steps taken to ensure a perfect translation into both English and Spanish were:

  • Analysis of the original texts in English and estimation of the human translator team.
  • Extraction and preparation of a terminology list to ensure consistency in the documents.
  • Application of terminology in the translation-assisted tools.
  • Translation project management and planning as well as revision in the shortest delivery date possible.
  • Establishing secure connections for the point to point transmission of confidential data.
  • Providing interpreting services on-site for training of Equatorian staff (2 months)

Providing a reliable technical translation service is one of Pangeanic’s missions, and Samsung Oil & Fat Corporation relied on our translation company managing a human team that consisted of:

  • a qualified English translator
  • two Spanish technical translators
  • a text reviewer
  • a project manager, terminologist and coordinator of databases (translation memories)

At Pangeanic we hire expert translators who must have a deep knowledge of the field they are translating. In this project for SOFC lasting 3 years, Pangeanic developed large terminology databases on water drinkability facilities, staff training, chemical and related machinery, and accumulated hundreds of translation memories and terminology lists – a technique to ensure that the translation was consistent over and over again.