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Medical Translation Services for Clinical Trials

Our client, Q-Trials, is a leading independent CRO (Contract Research Organization) established in 2007, headed by a Medical Doctor. With quality and speed being the key requirements, our client approached Pangeanic Professional Translation Services for very important Medical Translation for Clinical Trials. Due to our proven record as the “go to” Translation Company for any level of difficulty for Pharmaceutical Translation Services, Q-Trials had a very easy choice to make. But before that, the challenge…

The Medical Translation for Clinical Trials Challenge:

Due to our clients strict confidentiality practices, we were first requested to agree and sign a Non-disclosure agreement. This is how Q-Trials protects their clients and partners strict sensitive information. We were requested to provide the best possible rates while maintaining the highest quality translation services in the following language combinations:

There was also a requirement to provide professional medical translation services for protocol pages and patient inserts. Proofreading services were also part of the requirement. As with all top translation companies, we had to prove the quality of our translations by providing a review of a Hebrew to Spanish and German to Hebrew medical document. If those language combinations weren’t rare enough, we were requested to provide support for English to Dutch and Hebrew to Dutch.

The Process:

We have over 3000 tried and tested resources in our database however we didn’t have any tested in-country medical specialists for Hebrew to Spanish, German to Hebrew and Hebrew to Dutch….and the clock was ticking! We have a dedicated team who are (unbelievably) brilliant at tracking down, testing, negotiating with and booking new resources. Well, we only work with resources who have excelled in our rigorous testing processes. The Vendor team were able to secure in-country professional medical translators and secure them for Q-trials’ services. And all of this happened in the space of one day. Think about it, how many medical Dutch translators with their second language being Hebrew are there in the world? I’ll tell you, NOT MANY!!!

The result:

We were able to dedicate a team to Q-Trials requirements and impress our client with our quick turnaround time while maintaining the highest quality Medical Translation. Our client was able to meet their deadline and at the same time securing a partnership with Pangeanic Professional Translation Services and are sure we will have a long and successful partnership together.