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Translation Technology

How to add Pangeanic translation technology to your systems and publish multilingual content… easily

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Thanks to our Cor technology we can guarantee a complete translation service transparency. Our translation system is based on technology that saves each sentence to be translated and reuses it in subsequent versions: ActivaTM is our own centralized translation memory system based on Elastic Search and can manage thousands of translation matches per second and pull out the most similar sentence. This is not machine translation but “fuzzy match”, that is choosing a similar sentence from a previous translation so a human translator only has to modify it slightly.

Once your publication is added to our Cor translation technologythe translation project is managed by a team of expert professional translators with years of experience. It is then revised by trusted reviewers. Or alternatively your own internal reviewers can review the on-line version and make changes, which are then saved as style guides and terminology for future use. Upon completion of a translation project, the translated publication is then transferred to your CMS so that you can decide when to publish it or to publish it automatically. Our management system will also notify you that the fully encrypted translation project can be downloaded via a secure link to our servers.

If you use your own content management system (CMS), Pangeanic can help you integrate Cor with your system via a CMS plugin or a web services link. Pangeanic has developed plugins designed to meet specific needs, such as:

  • language combinations;
  • protocols for handling any other type of information that you wish to include with your on-line translations (metadata);
  • configuring the automatic submission of content for translation. ?For example when you have new content you wish to publish in several languages. You may have wide-ranging translation requirements, needing to translate into English, French, German, Chinese and Russian today. But tomorrow your needs may change and only need to translate into French, German and Russian. With Cor you are in control and can select just the languages you need at any given time, reducing the time you spend on translation project management.

The integration of Cor technology with your system is a 3 step process

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Step 1

Our technical team will provide you with the necessary information to create the plugin, necessary API calls or web services link.

Step 2

Both technical teams collaborate in developing, installing and configuring the plugin program/call module/web services link, based on the technical integration guides provided by the technical team at Pangeanic. Our mission is to provide you with advice and assist you in accelerating your translation processes to improve the internationalization of your product and your brand.

Step 3

Warranty and verification testing, to test the seamless configuration and operation of the installation. Translation and internationalisation service integration is based on virtual translation testing, to check that the results meet your expectations.

The typical time frame for full integration ranges between one and three weeks, depending on requested specification complexity.

Once the translation system has been integrated with your CMS, you will be able to easily initiate and manage multilingual translation projects: just initiate a session with the system, add the text that needs to be translated and click on “Send to Pangeanic”. And we’ll take care of the rest, saving you time and money thanks to a professional team of translators who will look after your translation project and return it ready for publication.