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The Pangeanic translation team has many years of experience in translating texts foreign languages into their native languages.

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Manuel Herranz


A translation industry expert, Manuel is a double graduate in engineering and linguistics. He worked as a training engineer for Ford Motor Company’s tool suppliers, being heavily involved in engineer training for the engine plants in Valencia (Spain) and Chihuahua (Mexico). Manuel also worked for Rolls Royce Marine and Industrial at co-generation plants for Cepsa (Huelva, Spain) and Ushuaia (Argentina).

European Director for the B.I Corporation of Japan in the early 2000’s, he established Pangeanic in a friendly buy-out in 2005. Collaboration with Valencia’s Polytechnic research group and the Computer Science Institute led to the creation of the PangeaMT platform, becoming the first LSP in the world to implement open source Moses successfully in a commercial environment.

Manuel’s vision is to automate language processes and multilingual publication in as many channels as possible. He has a keen interest in web crawling, machine translation and making the web as multilingual as possible.

When not working and developing, Manuel spends time supporting NGO actions like the Malima Project, Translators Without Borders, medical research into rare diseases and sports events.

Amando Estela

Chief Technology Officer

Amando has more than 25 years of experience working for IBM and partnering with CISCO, CapGemini and Bankia. He has worked on security systems, distributed processing and creating algorithms for Spanish banks and telco companies for the last 20 years.

CTO for several Internet startups, he has acquired experience in deep learning, neural networks, algorithm trading and simulation software.

Whilst working at Pangeanic since 2017, he has been responsible for all security features and system integration in the EU’s iADAATPA project.

Alex Helle

Chief Machine Translation Engineer

Alexandre joined Pangeanic in 2011 while still finishing his Master’s degree in applied machine translation. Alex attended the University of Alicante where he studied Technical Engineering in Computer Science, with major in pattern recognition. He majored in Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition and Digital Imaging during his Master’s Degree at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he was also involved in the development of the first version of PangeaMT back in 2010.

He is a specialist in Machine Translation in distant languages, like Japanese-English, Chinese-English-Spanish. His daily duties include Research and Development and programming. He is also Pangeanic’s system administrator.

In our team, Alex has been responsible for the technical aspects of the research implementation of EU’s EXPERT project at Pangeanic, including search-engine techniques based on Elastic Search in a massive database and hybrid MT + TM approaches.

Mercedes García Martínez

Researcher in Neural Machine Translation

Mercedes is a PhD from the Computer Lab at the University of Le Mans in France. Her thesis was one of the first in the world to research neural translation models and applying factorial models to this type of machine translation.
She has also taken specialized courses in neural networks, and on machine translation. She has also participated in courses on translation technologies and research on the translation process at the Copenhagen Business School. In addition, she has more than 20 scientific publications in international journals and conferences and 166 citations in Google Scholar. Know more about her here.

América Garoña Pina

Production Manager

América started her career in the language industry as a freelance translator in 2009, soon followed by quality management positions in two international language solutions companies in Ireland (Lionbridge) and Spain (RR Donnelley).

She has 5 years experience translating, coordinating linguists, managing linguistic assets and quality assessment processes, as well as working with clients to ensure expectations are met at all levels.

América joined our team at Pangeanic in 2016 to further assess and expand our pool of linguists and to support production team with the growing business in Valencia’s office.