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NEWS 20 AUGUST, 2012

SaaS Power at Localization World Paris 2012

The latest version of  “full machine translation DIY system” was released by Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic’s CEO, during his presentation as an invited guest speaker at the MOSES CORE pre-conference day in Localization World Paris.A copy of the presentation of machine translation technologies at Pangeanic is available from TAUS slideshare site.

Mr Manuel Herranz highlighted the efforts to turn the EU-sponsored academic machine-translation development Moses into a commercially viable, user friendly, web-based environment with self-training (DIY) features. The many features included in PangeaMT overcome many of the open source raw translator. The service, featuring full API access, TMX pick-and-match to create new engines, a full set of metrics, etc is built as a solution for translation users large and small as well as language service providers.

The Moses platform is now the most widespread SMT translator in the world, but deployment is not for the faint-hearted, nor the amounts of data necessary to make it work,  building language pairs, etc. Manuel’s presentation summarized a star implementation at Sybase, a SAP company.

Follow this link to our blog to read Kerstin Bier’s use case at Sybase.

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