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Pangeanic will participate in Barcelona’s Mobile/4YFN with SEAD

In this conference, which will take place on February 25, Manuel Herranz will present the Data Acquisition and Centralization: Industry and Administration to Build Artificial Intelligence

Pangeanic’s technology team members / GUIADEPRENSA.COM
Pangeanic’s technology team members / GUIADEPRENSA.COM

Pangeanic has been distinguished by its commitment to language processing technology for a decade and what started with statistical machine translation systems has continued with neural network systems and, since 2019, with other types of technology, such as anonymization systems. The latter respond to the need of both the public and private sectors to preserve the value of their data and to comply with the privacy criteria imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

The projects to be presented in Mobile/4YFN, led by Pangeanic, have been along these lines, such as NEC-TM, a translation assistance tool and translation memory server, and NTEU, a plan for the implementation of new translation technologies, in this case neural network systems, in the European Union.

Currently, the company is also a leader in the most important European project for the implementation of anonymization techniques in public administration and a key player for this purpose: MAPA (Multilingual Anonymization for Public Administration).

In the presentation, Manuel Herranz, Pangeanic’s CEO, will also emphasize the need for a data policy in public administrations that allows the creation of repositories that can later be used in artificial intelligence applications.

In turn, Pangeanic collaborates with the Secretaría de Estado para el Avance Digital (SEAD), which is in charge of promoting Spain’s digital transformation and has recently participated in European initiatives for the development of technological infrastructures in machine translation and translation assistance.

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