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Spanish Translation Services

Translation tests, terminology and language tools, dictionary databases… Pangeanic is your reliable source for professional Spanish translations.

Our expert European Spanish and Latin American Spanish native translators have passed stringent selection tests in order to be part of our translation team. They provide a unique combination of cutting-edge translation technology and in-depth expertise in many languages. Our Spanish translators specialise in professional fields: technical Spanish translations, marketing translations, legal translations, financial translations, medical translations, etc.

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I need a translation from
to Spanish
Spanish technical translations for every engineering project in Spain, Latin America or Equatorial Guinea.
Translate your web, app, software, FrameMaker files, InDesign files or eCommerce sites into Spanish
Need documents to be translated into Spanish? No problem. We are experts in Spanish legal translations, financial translations and in translating serious, corporate documentation into Spanish

English-to-Spanish Translation Services

Pangeanic offers professional Spanish document translation services with translations from English into Spanish and also from Spanish into more than 100 languages. With an internal Spanish translation department in charge of your projects and translation quality, you can trust knowledgeable Spanish translators and terminologists with years of experience, using state-of-the-art computer-assisted translation tools to translate your content into Spanish perfectly.

Every Pangeanic translator specialises in a different field, such as the Spanish translation of technical documents or engineering translations, Spanish legal translations, life science translations into Spanish and from Spanish into English, pharma-medical translations, etc.

If you need to translate into Spanish frequently, you can rely on savings. Our Research and Development department has created extremely efficient language databases as part of EU-sponsored language technology research. They recall identical sentences and substitute subsegment terms and groups of words using your own previously translated material. This is not machine translation but intelligent advanced leveraging of your translation and terminology assets.

Nevertheless, we can also build customised machine translation engines to accelerate your translation process and time-to-market. Using your old translations into Spanish, you will be able to plug into our API machine translation and pre-translate documents and files with your own terminology and expressions.

English-to-Spanish Translation Services. Pangeanic
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Spanish-to-English Translation Services

Only a professional English-speaking translator selected and approved by Pangeanic, whose native language is English and is fluent in Spanish, can perform Spanish to English translations for us. Our Spanish-to-English translators usually live in an English-speaking country such as the US, UK, Canada, etc., or close to our HQ. They have studied Spanish and have spent a relevant amount of time in a Spanish-speaking country. Our Spanish-to-English translators only translate materials with which they have prior, demonstrable experience.

Contact our translation team and let them know what you need! Whether your Spanish translation needs are large or small, whether you need to translate your blog and reach larger audiences, a commercial translation, a serious publication in other languages or fast post-editing services, Pangeanic is always ready to help you with your translation needs. We pride ourselves on the fact that Pangeanic is probably the only translation agency in the market that can fully translate Spanish texts into virtually any language in the world!

Spanish-to-English Translation Services. Pangeanic

Website Translation Services

Do you need your website to be translated into Spanish? With over 500M speakers, it is essential to have a high-quality Spanish translation of a website. The Spanish-speaking universe includes many varieties of Spanish, from Mexican to Argentinean, Colombian and European Spanish. As one of the best translation agencies in the world, Pangeanic has accumulated experience in the provision of the several different Spanish dialects and selected expert linguists from Peru to Venezuela, Mexico and Chile to ensure your Spanish website will be an important information hub for your Spanish audience.

Using the expertise of our professional translation agency, we want to amaze you by turning your website into a website with the best keywords, metatags and descriptions, turning it into a magnet for 500M Spanish speakers. Our Spanish translation services will use the latest combination of applied translation technologies for the web in order to translate full websites in WordPress (which 70% of websites use), Joomla, Drupal, or eCommerce sites such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop, etc.

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Medical Translation Services

Pangeanic is ISO 13485 certified and helps pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare companies reach global markets. With hundreds of Pangeanic-certified Spanish translators with scientific and medical specialisation, we service many medical and life science companies. Our expert medical Spanish translators have experience working with Spanish clinical trial questionnaires, Spanish informed consent forms, Spanish package inserts and labels, Spanish CRFs and Spanish IFUs, as well as Spanish patient surveys, insurance forms, Spanish product catalogues, datasheets, protocols, etc. Furthermore, we keep specialist English-Spanish dictionaries from the United Nations, European Pharma Association and TAUS donors to always work with reference material in all our medical Spanish translations. Terminology and translation dictionaries are essential in any technical and specialised translations.

Quality Assurance – ISO 17100 quality Spanish translation

Our promise to you

  • our Spanish translation services will deliver the translation format you require;
  • our Spanish translation services will work to save you time and money with the help of our server-based English dictionary systems;
  • you will receive a ready-for-press, accurate Spanish translation;
  • you will not need to revise or double check our Spanish translation work.

As a European Translation Standard certified company, Pangeanic offers full transparency and traceability in all its processes and Spanish translations. We do not cut down on quality, we cut down on process times; it doesn’t matter if you need just one or 100 Spanish translations, you will always receive consistent, high-quality service in each project.

Quality Assurance – ISO 17100 quality Spanish translation. Pangeanic
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Our motto at Pangeanic is:
“Quality is never expensive, but lack of quality always is.”

Testimonials of our Professional Translation Services

We ask our clients to provide feedback on our services and how well we have served them. Trustpilot is an independent review company that gathers feedback from users. 8.8 is not bad – we want all our clients to receive the best translation service possible!

Testimonials of our Professional Translation Services. Pangeanic
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The Spanish language

Spanish is the most widely spoken Romance Language and is part of the Indo-Germanic language family. With over 500 million speakers, whose first or second language is Spanish, it is considered as a global language and ranks 4th position among the most spoken languages worldwide.

To understand how the Spanish language could spread its wings over 20 countries across three continents, it is essential to take a closer look at the history of the Spanish language, which is achieved by examining different parts of the world where Spanish is spoken.


The history of the Spanish language in Spain and the origin of the different dialects began with the introduction of Vulgar Latin in the Northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, where the Celt Iberians, the Spanish ancestors, used to live at that time. After the decline of the Roman Empire, Castilian Spanish evolved out of Vulgar Latin.

With the beginning of the Reconquista, the Northern dialect Castilian spread to the southern part and therefore replaced the local Romance dialects. Many Arabic words were integrated into the Spanish language during the Moorish period (711-1492). It is said that approximately 3000-4000 Spanish words derived from the Arabic language.

During the 13th century under King Alfonso X, Castilian started to become standardised and Toledo was the cultural and linguistic epicentre.

Antonio de Nebrija wrote the first Spanish grammar book (Gramática de la lengua castellana), which was also the first published grammar book of Romance languages. Later, in 1492, he presented it to Queen Isabella.

Castilian Spanish then quickly became the official language for all educational and official documentation in Spain. Today, there are four dialects in Spain: Castilian, Catalan, Basque and Galician.

In Europe also remains the Judeo-Spanish language, also known as Ladino, which was spoken by the Jewish population in Spain until the Inquisition in Spain in the late 15th century when Spain expelled the Jewish people. It continues to be spoken by some speakers mainly in Israel, Turkey, and Greece.


When Christopher Columbus arrived in America in 1492, he and the Spanish people aggressively imposed the Spanish languages on the natives in order to conquer the regions and gain wealth.

The territorial focus of the Spanish colonisation was America, which explains why today Spanish is the official language of all South American republics (except Brazil and French Guyana), the six nations of Central America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba and is also spoken in many states of the US.


Spanish colonisation also took part in Equatorial Guinea in the late 18th century and the Spanish language was introduced as the official language in 1968, when independence was granted. It is also widely spoken in the Western Sahara, which was a Spanish colony from the 1880s to the 1970s.

Dangers of bad Spanish translation services

We have all heard and seen examples of poor translation work. Stories of no Spanish dictionaries being used, or of the project to translate English into Spanish resulting in confusion or embarrassment… but you are in safe hands with Pangeanic’s Spanish dictionary and translation memory databases. Our mission is to ensure that no poor-quality Spanish versions ever affect your company image.

Pangeanic develops and implements systems and language tools and the technology to offer competitive Spanish translation rates and fast Spanish translation services. The dangers of saving a few cents and not using reliable Spanish translators, online translation services, unreliable English Spanish dictionaries or an amateur Spanish translation service can include:

  • An increase in the total cost of trials due to bad Spanish translations.
  • Delays in marketing and launching to the Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Unintelligible, unusable Spanish translations or poorly translated material may lead you to lawsuits or rejection of your product in Spanish markets by local Latin American or European Spanish regulators.
  • Loss of reputation and bad image in Latin American and European Spanish markets.
  • And, of course, you may end up needing to translate the existing material again.
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Are you looking for expert machine translation technology to translate texts into Spanish? Visit our PangeaMT website to find out how to clean your data, build customised engines and own a private machine translation environment.

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