Our Korean translation service is known for its speed and accuracy. Pangeanic’s linguists are experts at adapting, revising, reviewing and publishing Korean translation in any format that you require. Pangeanic’s Korean translations team offers you decades of translation experience. We work for corporations, multinationals, and businesses in several fields offering professional results with our Korean technical translations, Korean marketing translations, Korean legal translations, Korean financial translations, Korean medical translations, etc.

The Korean team of Pangeanic is well seasoned when it comes to Korean translations. Whether you are looking for material to be translated from English, GermanFrench Spanish, or another language, we can help. We are familiar with challenging formats and materials including Korean website translations, Korean technical translations, Korean marketing translations, and more. Our goal is to translate documents accurately and on time to produce a fast turnaround for a competitive price. Our arsenal of translation tools allows us to manage the accuracy and precision of the translated terminology and allows post-translation checks for QA and proof-reading of Korean translations efficiently. Our pre-publishing procedure checks in all languages ensure professional publications, whether you require accuracy or free-style, or co-creation translation. Additionally, we can guarantee that you will not pay for the translation of any sentence more than once. This is ensured by our extensive databases that retain the translation of phrases and common sayings in Korean and other languages. Our experienced Korean translation staff will translate your material quickly and expertly, allowing you to use it to market to more consumers, aid your clients, or branch out to those in another market. Our linguists will ensure that your Korean translation project is perfected in order to secure your reputation. Pangeanic tailors its services to fit your corporate needs and ensures a fast translation turn around for your website at a very competitive price.

Korean Website Translation Services

Air view of Seoul, South Korea's capital at night

Air view of Seoul, South Korea’s capital at night

How can you capitalise on the power of your web presence and maximize your sites ‘find-ability’ on a global scale? The answer is simple: website translation and localization makes your content available to millions of potential clients and users worldwide.

Pangeanic offers a complete, professional Korean website translation and localization service for your website so you can concentrate on your business and not on translation management! Pangeanic’s specialized translation agency will turn your eCommerce site or website into a magnet for international audiences by:

  • Monitoring your new texts by focusing on the best keywords and metatags
  • Extracting and offering you instant Korean translations
  • Taking care of your publication needs
  • Utilizing the latest combination of applied translation technologies for the translation of full websites in WordPress (used by 70% of websites) Joomla, Drupal, and eCommerce.

Let us amaze you by turning your website content into a Korean website – not just offering a direct translation of your website, but if not a full website localization project that will allow your website to sky rocket to the top of search engine results.

Testimonials of our Professional Translation ServicesReview of Pangeanic's translation service

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Legal Document Translation Services

Looking for legal language translation services? Pangeanic’s extensive network of professional English-Korean translators includes hundreds of highly experienced legal translators trained in legal terminology and legal translation solutions. Our litigation and legal translation services include:

  • Korean document management
  • Korean document identification
  • Korean website crawling
  • Korean court reporting
  • Korean transcription services.

What kind of documents are translated by Pangeanic legal document translation services? We provide accurate and timely legal translation solutions for English-Korean documents. These include:

  • Patent applications
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Legal documentation
  • Birth, Marriage and Death certificates
  • Legal proceedings
  • Employment and commercial contracts
  • Diplomas
  • Wills
  • Sales agreements
  • International driver licenses
  • Visas
  • Tax certificates
  • General business documents
  • Immigration documents

Korean Medical Translation Services

It is essential for medical translation services to have a team of educated translators that comprehend medical terminology, understand stringent regulatory laws and are meticulous in their translation quality and precision. This is why Pangeanic is your number one choice for Korean medical translations.

Our European Translation Standard EN15038 and ISO 9001-certified Life Sciences and Medical Translations Division includes an expert group of Medical Korean translators. Their experience in the medical field facilitates the accuracy of their translations and allows them to be up-to-date with medical technical knowledge. Our English-Korean medical translators have experience working with:

  •  Korean clinical trial questionnaires
  • Korean IFUs and Korean CRFs
  • Korean informed consents
  • Korean package inserts and labels
  • Korean patient surveys and insurance forms
  • Korean product catalogs, datasheets, protocols

Apart from helping healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies reach Korea and global markets, Pangeanic offers a range of Korean medical translations, for example:

  • Medical devices documentation
  • Approval documents
  • Questionnaires
  • Clinical trials
  • Pharmacological studies
  • Marketing collateral
  • Patient Information, patient reported outcomes, and patient recruitment materials