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Language Translation Services

Pangeanic provides language translation services to clients worldwide on a daily basis. And not only in the major world languages…. even in many challenging combinations!

Languages are the reflection of centuries of history and culture and translation is as old as humankind. Language translation services are part of all traditional marketing and now inbound marketing, international sales and commercialisation efforts – and the Internet has made it even easier. Professional language translations are a requirement for technical documentation.

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Our Knowledge Centre is a true language information section with constant updates and contributions from writers, staff, colleagues and friends who provide us with insights, anecdotes, stories and pictures. Follow it to learn in depth about languages, their history and features, etiquette, and reasons why you should adapt and translate your web and your documentation to publish in foreign languages. Our articles on languages are short, but specialised and concise, and provide a good deal of useful information on languages as a sales tool. You will also learn about the rich history of each language, the people who speak it and where, and how it came to be what it is today.

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