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Machine Translation

Near-human neural machine translation solutions.
Private, cloud, API.

We supply machine translation services to legal firms that require early data assessment in international litigation, integrating with eDiscovery services. Our can translate documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint files and many other formats from our secure translation cloud or from a licensed server.

We understand that banks, financial institutions, international institutions and consulting firms prefer to integrate machine translation in their infrastructure and translate documents within their intranet. PangeaMT offers translation engines for on-premises deployment or full machine translation systems.

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PangeaMT has the resources and knowledge to translate hundreds of million of words in record time.

Typical uses for Machine Translation

Legal (international litigation), legal bureaus

Financial institutions (banks, etc.)


Government and Public Administrations

Tourism, travel, hotel and hospitality companies

News outlets

Social media

Translation companies

Printing companies / publishing

Brands that trust us

Analytics and cognitive companies, financial services, banking corporations, government, digital publishers and AI and technology.

Types of neural machine translation

PangeaMT offers near-human quality machine translation in several ways


  • Stock engines for general purpose translation (to translate documents, snippets, etc.)
  • In our private cloud infrastructure. Your data is kept safe in your own space or deleted upon use.
  • Stock engines that you can customize with your own data and grow your own translation system in our cloud.
  • Machine Translation API.
  • Document translator.


  • Customized machine translation engines with your own data or related data to grow and improve your own translation system on-premises or in your cloud.
  • On-premises full machine translation systems (corporate versions).
  • A fork off our proprietary corporate version.
  • Embedded systems (API).
  • Document translator.
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