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Language Detector

Automatically detect the language of a string, text, document in seconds.

Processing multilingual information or information in multiple languages has become ever more relevant in today’s digital world. Pangea’s Language Detector identifies the language and character encoding of incoming documents. It supports more than 84 languages, covering major Western and Eastern European, Semitic, Central Asian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

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Pangea Language Detector can be successfully used:

  • As a pre-process before machine translation.
  • To pre-filter text and improve the quality of input text data when training algorithms (most natural processing algorithms have monolingual texts as training data – adding other languages can decrease the performance of document management systems);
  • To organize data (speech-to-text, documents, etc.) before other processes;
  • To mine bilingual texts for machine translation from online resources;
  • For retrieval, grouping and understanding relevant information (user’s texts, emails and etc.) in multilingual environment.
Pangea Language Detector can be successfully used:. Pangeanic
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