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Chatbot Systems and Chatbot Training Data

Query-answer chatbots for 24/7 customer care and lead generation.

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You can scale and improve your customer service with Pangea's multilingual chatbot system capabilities and chatbot training data.

With the intense increase of text information volume presented in electronic form, the development of systems that provide solution for a wide range of information retrieval problems becomes more essential. Moreover, requirements are constantly increasing both to the effectiveness of processes of finding documents and to the integration of software complexes with different information sources (e.g., Internet resources, files of LAN or corporate databases, hard drives of personal computers, etc.). All this complicates the achievement of high performance.

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This information can come from:

  • Your company’s FAQ webpages.
  • Existing customer support chat scripts.
  • Call logs.
  • Help email account.
  • Other written sources.
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Pangea offers chatbot training data services including training phrases and intent classification, to ensure that your chatbot can recognize and classify user queries, and respond with the correct answer or follow-up question.

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