Professional keyword translation services are in high demand – because they are hard to automate and, in a way, they are an art. Professional keyword translation services not the realm for automatic, machine translation. Searches in one country do not necessarily match what other communities search in another country even if they speak the same language. Even within the same country, it is possible to find  and there are differences in search patterns . Therefore, online competition for top search rankings is fierce. Everybody wants professional keyword translation services and with them, that number one spot in Google searches − a much-coveted position by everyone doing business online, from eComerce sites to niche services and products: from agricultural and clothing, from freelancers working from home to big multinationals, we all are trying to position our products in a true “world wide web”.

But why is it so difficult to have a professional keyword translation? How can we influence search rankings? Why is everyone clamoring to reach the top and so many companies promising you the first spot in Google? Like many things in life, it comes down to money. It is easy to understand: the higher your company is ranked on search engines, the more times it appears on search engine results. Therefore, your site will receive more traffic, and in theory, more traffic means more conversions, which it turn means more sales. Even if you are not selling anything directly from your website, adding click advertising on your blog can also generate a good income in monthly revenue if your blog is ranked high enough. But there is plenty of work to do, for results do not come from nothing.

Some time ago, everyone began to play and tweak the writing on their websites to boost sales by packing their content on blogs and posts with keywords. This was done carelessly quite too often, in the hope that Google would prioritise keywords and rank a website in the first page as an optimum match – in the fast race for a quick buck. Agencies began to sell links, likes and traffic by the millions – uhm!

good keyword translation makes money

A perfect keyword translation is always the best SEO investment

Nowadays, Everyone is playing a little bit at SEO and promises from “experts” appear every day in our inboxes claiming to have the final technique and secret according to the last Google update… but can any of all this actually working? Moreover, when you focus on an international strategy, have you paid any thought to a reliable translation service providing a professional keyword translation services as part of your strategy?

Time to go global, isn’t it?

It will be almost impossible for you to get to the top ten in search rankings without translating your site. Adding translations to your website, or even better, going to a multisite strategy to create mirror copies of your content in another language not only makes your information available in other languages, but also creates a little explosion in links that meshes and benefits your web presence. Look at the majority of popular websites – they are all multilingual and address and attract audiences in many languages. Now look at all the top websites: isn’t the majority of them using translation to make the content available in several languages? But most importantly, they make their content available by using keyword translation services in an organised, systematic and professional way. They do so because their businesses want to be open to all markets. Their revenue is international and they know well that in order to have a large customer base, their websites have to appear in the first page in a search engine. Translation has a high ROI for them. But how simple is it to appear on the first page of Google?

If you rely on a professional keyword translation service and can write your own content, focusing on your particular product or service, it will be very easy indeed. However, some people decide to save a few pounds, dollars, yen or euros and rely on acquaintances with a flair for languages, unqualified personnel or online machine translation software. The results are never what one expects and this will do more harm than good.

A bad translation can sink for your website

If bad translation hurts in the native readers’ eyes, just like you have smiled and laughed when reading poorly translated material in English. But another huge and frequent mistake when translating a website is the use of the wrong or inaccurate keywords in the target language. If we imagine that keywords are the little lights that guide and help the search engine algorithms when they are looking for what you requested… then you soon realise that a professional keyword translation service is paramount in your strategy for multilingual search engine optimisation. You known you must use popular keywords that rank high on searches in your country and you probably do that already – but rely on an expert to check them in his or her native tongue because many times keyword translation is not a direct exercise. If you end up hiring an ordinary translator who does not carefully check sevral times and researches how popular the keywords are in the country you are focusing, you are translating your website for nothing. There are clear differences in meaning in many words between US and UK or European English, so just imagine what happens when you cross the bridge into German, French, Italian and the many flavours of Spanish. You need to ensure that the keywords are tailored to suit the locale you are targeting.

Lastly, if you are translating an eCommerce or retail site, do not forget to check your product names. There are well-known examples of offensive names and misuse. Sometimes, an item may be known in two or three different ways in other countries. The result can be lowered and dissipated search ratings. Be consistent on product branding names, popular keywords and terminology and you can be assured that Google will hone on your website and products. Add a good internet strategy, preferably with national domains, and you are on a winner. You can cut corners when you are developing a multilingual website, but quality content and good keyword translations cannot be one of them. The Internet is full of terrible translation stories and enough SEO disasters, black hat techniques in a desperate attempt to make quick money. If you want to appear in the first page in Google in other languages, you need to ensure that your content perfectly written in your native tongue and pay equal care in keyword translation and general translation style and accuracy to even the smallest detail.

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