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One of our major clients is an Economics, Third Sector and Social Issues Research Centre working on the Social and Cooperative Economy and the Third Sector. We are also involved in translation work with several NGO’s.

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It is part of our company ethos to be socially responsible with the community and donate part of what we do for the good of the less fortunate. You can read more about our social work on our Social Responsibility page. We have gone beyond social issue translations to offer

  • financial support to non-governmental organisations focused on educational activities in Africa,
  • religious organisations in Europe and the US,
  • US children welfare organisations,
  • sponsoring sport events,
  • financial help in research against rare diseases
  • support as members of Translators Without Borders, a UN-approved initiative,
  • sponsorship of a football match supported by professionals like Spain’s national team’s Juan Mata whose funds are allocated to rare diseases research
  • donations of computer hardware to local schools
  • donations to local schools (heating and air conditioning equipment)

We believe that supporting socially responsible and humanitarian activities is a corporate must, because business is a subset of society and businesses have a significant impact on society itself. Therefore, there is an inherent responsibility to help society and the world improve. Since society asks no more and no less of any of its members, business cannot be exempt from such responsibility. As we are working to help the world communicate and understand better, we feel it is our duty to help, even if on a small scale.

Social issues, humanitarian causes, and social responsibility run deep as part of our company philosophy. For example, Pangeanic is involved in education projects in Cameroon’s most Northern region. We have provided funding for education in Cameroon’s most Northern and deprived area with fieldwork by volunteers and built a library/classroom via the Malima Project organisation.

It also makes an ongoing call for funding which started during the 2012 campaign, details of which can be found in our blog. The organisation is small, with no salaries and all funds go directly to volunteers. We have also donated computer hardware to local schools and have contributed to improving heating in such schools. Pangeanic is also a sponsor of the Translators Without Borders initiative to provide access to information to deprived communities.

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Translations for the Third Sector

Pangeanic runs an account which includes social issue translations on all external communications for Ciriec, taking care of the:

  • Translation of economic report articles into and out of major European languages for domestic and international publishing,
  • Translation of books on Third Sector development – academic articles from professors on Social Economy across the world,
  • EU-financed economic reports and findings on how the Third Sector impacts the European economy,
  • Publication of a quarterly magazine,
  • Correspondence in foreign languages,
  • Interpreting
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