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Legal Translations

Whenever you need professional legal translations, you can trust Pangeanic to provide accurate legal translation services. We offer not only legal translations, but also many language-related legal services

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Legal Document Translations

Pangeanic’s legal translation record shows our ongoing commitment to translation quality, speed, and subject-area expertise for international contracts, agreements, litigation services, etc.

Draft Legal Document Translation

Draft Legal Document Translation

First translation and check for information purposes:
  • Fast translation services.
  • Efficient translation services.
  • Keeping to budget.
Certified Legal Document Translation

Certified Legal Document Translation

Translation and proof for serious purposes:
  • Corporate level translation services.
  • Quality legal translation services.
  • ISO9001/EN15038 certified.
  • Efficient translation services.
  • Always keeping to budget.
Summary Legal Document Translation

Summary Legal Document Translation

Read and summarise:
  • An expert legal translator reads and summarises the text and important elements.
  • Cost-efficient translation service.
  • Budget.

If you need legal translations for an important international bid in another language, a proposal, company accounts that need to be presented to an organisation as part of your registration process, or you need a reliable patent translation partner, trust Pangeanic for legal document translation. We can also liase with in-country lawyers and solicitors and obtain information on the legal aspects that affect your bid, your translation queries, and research legal aspects with the help of professional local legal services.

Highly Accredited Legal Translators

We are one of only a few translation companies that have achieved both the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification for our translation management and translation processes as well as the specific EN17100 for translation services (and EN13485 for medical devices). Pangeanic is also a member of several translation associations like Gala, Elia, TAUS and EAMT. Our legal translation clients can therefore be completely assured of the top quality and consistency of our legal translations.

Highly Accredited Legal Translators. Pangeanic

Machine Translation Services for Legal Translations

This is a specialist service with our own machine translation technology PangeaMT. You can use it to obtain a gist of foreign patents into your language, for example. It is particularly useful if you need to check certain aspects of current patents that have been granted by world patent offices (Chinese Patent Office, European Patent Office, Japanese Patent Office, US Patent Office) or national patent offices. Pangeanic can create custom-built translation engines for your specific field. However, it is also useful if you need to keep the format of original documents in a bid or request for proposal in a language you do not understand. Delivery will take place from our servers and using our high-encryption secure client portal, when confidentiality is paramount.

Translation Levels

If you need draft legal translations or certified legal translations, then you need an expert legal translation team that provides accuracy, attention to detail, is familiar with different legal systems, and even has a legal background. This is important if you are translating an important tender or contract, but even more so in the case of legal translations when litigation or negotiations are at stake.

We recommend using our Premium Translation Service if your documents are of utmost importance to you and our Standard or Draft Translation Service if you simply want to find out about some legalities or want to understand something. You will be surprised at the high quality of our Standard Translation Service and how many legal translations and documents can be translated within your budget. Our translation agency has a record of thousands of translated pages every month. Thus, our processes and databases are optimised for your benefit – we have gigabytes of legal translation data as reference material. Therefore, you can benefit from Pangeanic’s years of translation experience to obtain a fast legal translation service that works. We use the latest translation technologies in order to translate and keep a record of your documents, so you do not have to pay for any previously translated sentence ever again.

Translation Levels. Pangeanic

Types of documents for our Legal Translation Services

Areas of our legal translation expertise include documents such as

Advertising and Marketing.

Banking and Finance.

Contracts and Bids.

Engineering, Automotive and Aerospace.

Food and Agriculture.

Law and Litigation Support.

Medical, Pharma and Health.

Patents, Technology.

Personal Legal Documents.

Power, Energy and Extractive Industries.

Our legal translation services are complete and include recreating Microsoft OfficeTM files in Word, Excel or PowerPointTM formats*, among others. We deal with any type of documents you may need to translate into a foreign language.

Legal translation of different documents can include manuals, contracts, etc. Thus, your legal document may also contain technical descriptions about your equipment or processes – a legal translation background would then not suffice, and you will need our expert team for both fields.

Other areas where our legal translation service has earned a reputation for quality are:

Translation of Birth Certificates.
Translation of Marriage Certificates.
Translation of Divorce Decrees.
Translation of High School Diplomas.
Translation of Institute Diplomas.
Translation of University Diplomas.
Translation of Profession Certifications.
Translation of Employment Forms.
Translation of CVs/Resumes.
Translation of Personal correspondence.

* Microsoft Office and its file formats (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) are registered marks of Microsoft Corporation.

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