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  • Translate English for Africa and Asia

    There are many English “dialects” which work as national language spoken across people in all continents: United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, the USA and Canada in North America, Belize and Jamaica in the Caribbean, Hong Kong, Singapore in Asia, Australia and New Zealand in Oceania. Several African countries have English as their official language, from South Africa to Nigeria. Clearly, there are a lot of English-speaking markets to cater for, and a potential market base that is impossible for an international company to ignore if it is targeting any sort of success.

  • Is it more difficult to translate technical texts or common words?

    What is more difficult to translate, technical texts or common words? Technical texts have the difficulty of being very specific in the field. An error in terminology shows that you haven’t done your homework well. But the difficulty with common words is that they often can be translated in several ways. The more they are used, the more meanings they can have according to context.

  • American English translations or British English translations? It matters

    Both American and British English are dialects of the English language; the second most spoken language worldwide. And as it happens with the majority of “big” languages, the differences between both dialects can provide plenty of funny misunderstandings…