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AI applied to human & machine translation services for actionable insights

Natural Language Processing at work: Cognitive near-human machine translation, anonymisation software, information retrieval, named-entity recognition, sentiment analysis, summarisation. Use our Deep Adaptive MT API and turbocharge multilingual content processing, knowledge acquisition and translation services

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Machine Translation

Our neural machine translation solutions are very popular in the enterprise market.

We supply machine translation services to legal firms that require early data assessment for international litigation. Thanks to our ECO platform, you can translate documents such as Excel files or Powerpoint files from our cloud or securely as an on-premises machine translation solution. We have delivered solutions to clients in various sectors, including healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, banks, financial institutions, international institutions and consulting firms that have chosen to integrate machine translation in their infrastructure and translate documents within their intranet. Digital reputation monitoring is also a popular use of our machine translation services.

Tourism, travel, hotel and hospitality companies, social media and advertising firms benefit from real-time translation from any language into the language they need to understand and measure for real-time client feedback satisfaction.

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PangeaMT has developed full data anonymisation services and proprietary, AI-based techniques that fully support the EU’s GDPR, the United States’ CCPA and HIPAA, and anonymisation services in other jurisdictions such as the APPI in Japan. Anonymisation is fast becoming a requirement at all types of companies that deal with personal data, whether they need to share it or for security reasons.

The key idea in anonymisation is to remove information identifying a person or data about that person from the published data so that no sensitive information can be attributed to a person. This is now a GDPR requirement for all European companies and companies worldwide dealing with European citizens’ data and applies to communications and publishing and release of data.

The anonymisation procedure is not limited to the removal of direct identifiers that might exist in a dataset. In a more aggressive approach, other data (secondary information like family relations, nationality, job description, etc.) could be used to identify a person and may require anonymisation as well.

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Translation Services

What translation do I need?

Premium Translation Service

Our premium translation services surpass the requirements of International Translation Standard ISO17100. Typical users are departments needing marketing texts, etc.

Fast Translation Service

A fast translation service for when you need a document translated urgently or for information purposes.

Standard Translation Service

Your document is translated and checked by an expert translator offering quality at source, then reviewed by an expert project manager.

Proofreading Service

When you have sufficient knowledge of the target language. Our proofreading service is ideal for when you have drafted the first version yourself and need a native to take care of the final version.

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The quality is excellent as usual. The source has been changed many times during the translation. Pangeanic was quick to respond to the changes and it was helpful.

I am more than happy to recommend Pangeanic.We’re a UK based company (OSCO) expanding our business into Europe and Pangeanic have provided a very efficient, prompt and friendly translation service at competitive prices. We continue to use them on an ongoing basis.

You guys were amazing! So fast in such a difficult language combination.


  • Pangeanic wins contract to lead European-wide anonymization project
    INEA has awarded Pangeanic’s consortium almost €1M to develop a multilingual anonymization toolkit based on AI processing of health, life science, and legal texts for Public Administrations. The MAPA Project (Multilingual Anonymisation toolkit for Public Administrations) will make use of state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing tools to develop the open source…
  • Pangeanic will participate in Barcelona's Mobile/4YFN with SEAD
    In this conference, which will take place on February 25, Manuel Herranz will present the Data Acquisition and Centralization: Industry and Administration to Build Artificial Intelligence Pangeanic’s technology team members / GUIADEPRENSA.COM Pangeanic has been distinguished by its commitment to language processing technology for a decade and what started…
  • Pangeanic does its bit at an empowered WebSummit 2019
    In its second consecutive year of participation, as a Beta company, two women of the Pangeanic team have shown our recent advances in PLN The WebSummit is the largest international technology conference, which has taken place annually since…

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