The Japanese Language

A short history of the Japanese language There are few languages on Earth which escape a deep analysis of its roots and origins and the Japanese language is one of them, perhaps together with Basque and a few more isolates. Scholars’ opinion is irreconcilably divided among those who favor the Japanese language belonging to the

How to avoid the Great Firewall of China for your Chinese website

OK, you have translated your website into Chinese, and now you wish to make all that exciting content available to more than 1,500 million people. Are you going to just add Chinese as another language on your website? You probably have heard some sites cannot be accessed from China, that payment methods are different. Foreign

Content Translation Services – A Clever Marketing Strategy

If you are an upcoming business owner driven by big marketing goals, you will definitely like to come up with new techniques to tap into wider audience. You are confident you can do much better. You can boost your business by making your website rank higher on search engines, turn your devoted leads into customers,

Professional keyword translation services is what you need for top spot in Google

Professional keyword translation services are in high demand – because they are hard to automate and, in a way, they are an art. Professional keyword translation services not the realm for automatic, machine translation. Searches in one country do not necessarily match what other communities search in another country even if they speak the same language. Even

5 tips for writing marketing texts

Many businesses, and technical translation companies handling many languages are no exception, fail when it comes to writing marketing texts. How is it possible? Shouldn’t technical translation companies and translation services in general be aware of the dangers of (multilingual) publishing? In this article I’d like to look at some typical mistakes people make often

The Afrikaans Language

It may be strange for a translation company outside South Africa to have translation requests into Afrikaans. Pangeanic, as one of the best translation agencies in the world, has to cater for all language combinations, and Afrikaans is one of them. Let’s learn a little bit more about how Afrikaans became one of the national

Website translation services for global exposure and credibility

When you will have a massive traffic on your website? As a stable online business, your answer will be – When visitors are able to get the information they are searching for on your website. You are absolutely right here. Your potential visitors will stay on your website only when the content is engaging, and

The growing popularity of machine translation services

With the explosion of digital content (a term has coined as “data deluge”) and the growing expectations of customers for quality translations in many languages, many translation companies experience a great pressure from businesses to localise content and thus use the Internet as a multilingual sales channel by maximising their online presence. Human resources (translators) cannot meet the increasing translation

6 Big Industries that can benefit from language translation services

Today, we are living in a digital age. We are dwelling in a world where major cities of the world have turned into global communities. People from several countries living or visiting the same geographic area are a part of global communities interacting with each other. Sometimes, communication or interaction becomes a major problem for

12 tips for translators to provide quality translations

The best translation agencies require quality translations at the source to run efficient translation processes. This means reducing checking time after the delivery of a translation in which, for example, instructions have been ignored. These are 12 basic tips for translations to offer quality translations at the source.

The best time to translate a company website

If you ever wondered when it the best time to translate a company website, its corporate news, documents, reports, press releases… well, the best time is NOW. But, if so, why is not every company in the land translating their website into five or six languages? The availability of fast and affordable translation services is not really

Top 5 languages to translate an app Android or iPhone

Finding somebody who has not tried an app is as difficult as finding somebody without a cell phone. The FIFA World Cup app, offering life results became the most popular sports app ever by number of downloads in 2014: 18 million and counting. It took the development team at Rovio several failures to develop a

3 tips for translating a website and website localisation

Translating a website and website localisation are essential for companies, business and even individuals looking to market and sell their products (and increasingly services) in a shrinking market. There are hardly any “national markets” any longer, and the growing number of startups in Europe and the US is proving that a good idea, some investment

6 tips to get a terrible translation

When hiring translation agencies or translators themselves, avoid some basic mistakes that guarantee you will get a terrible translation back. Many of our articles in Pangeanic’s Knowledge section aim to educate users of translation agencies and translation services. It describes technology, tools and why most companies need a translation company as a partner for international

The Importance of Having Quality German Translations for your German Website

Inaccurate translations can hamper effective communication and can potentially lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Ensuring that you have quality translations for all your content makes it certain that your business affairs are carried out smoothly and effectively. This is even more true when you target German-speaking countries with your products or website. Today, world has

How Important is it to Have Quality French Translation for a Website?

Though English is the universal language of today, there still exist societies in this world that are deeply rooted in their culture and language. The individuals from these societies are a potential consumer base for many businesses, but they need to be catered keeping in mind their cultural preferences and language barriers. Businesses entities, in

Why Quality Translations: Cheap Translations Will Cost Dear

Today, translation is a rapidly growing industry and professional translation companies on the Internet can be found at the touch of a button. They all offer different rates. Here the question arises that when we have the option of quality translations and cheap translation services available… so the question is: it worth paying more for

What is a CAT Tool (Computer-Assisted Translation)?

Using a computer-assisted translation tool, abbreviated as CAT, is a process which includes the use of software to aid individuals in translating. In case of time constraints, a computer-assisted translation tool can effectively reduce the translation time, enabling the translator to translate content in a timely manner. Computer-assisted translation is often also referred to as

What is Translation Memory?

Translation memory is a feature of computer-assisted translation systems with aids the process of translation. Translation memory allows a translator to re-use any of the text segments that have been translated before. Translation memory serves as a database for translated segments, which along with their source segments are stored in the memory of computer-assisted translation